Keeping it Fresh: The Ever-Changing GooglePlex Logo

We're all about creating impactful graphics that leave a lasting impression. But what if that impression could evolve and adapt with the times? That's the brilliant concept behind Google's ever-changing GooglePlex signage, a project we've been honored to be a part of for years!

Think of it like the iconic Google Doodles you see on the browser, but writ large on the facade of their headquarters! Just like those Doodles, the GooglePlex logo undergoes creative transformations to reflect current events, initiatives, and celebrations. It's a dynamic way to engage with visitors, employees, and the wider community.

We take immense pride in crafting these unique logo variations. From eye-catching designs for Pride Month to playful tributes to groundbreaking scientific discoveries, each signage tells a story. The best part? Seeing the positive buzz it generates! It's a constant reminder of the power signage has to spark conversation and inspire.

This project is a true testament to the power of innovation in the signage industry. It demonstrates that even exterior signage—often seen as a permanent fixture—can be dynamic and engaging. We're thrilled to be a part of this forward-thinking initiative, and we can't wait to see what creative logo variations Google dreams up next!

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project, and comment to let us know – what would YOU like to see on the GooglePlex logo next?


GooglePlex Signage 2014

The project began when we installed the first special colorless logo at the GooglePlex entrance.

Google launched their new logo in 2015 and from then on, we produced a number of variations of the logo. The logo below was produced for the Google Quad Building in May 2021 in honor of Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month, while the image below that was in honor of Pride Month.

BarkerBlue GooglePlex Signage AAPI

BarkerBlue GooglePlex Signage Pride Month

We also installed logos on the Google Quad Catwalk. (Below) The logo on the left was for Asian American Heritage Month, and on the right, the logo was for Phillipino American Heritage Month.

BarkerBlue Google Catwalk Logo


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