Thinking of Taking the Elevator?  Think Again.

U of CA Healthy Campus Network Elevator Graphics

So many of us complain we just can't find time in our busy lives to exercise.  We often forget there are opportunities in our day to take small steps towards fitness without a lot of extra time.   One obvious example is taking the stairs in buildings instead of the elevator.  Well now people on University of California campuses are getting friendly reminders to do just that.  

Check out these bold elevator signs, disrupting our lazier approach.   They grab you just before you're ready to step on the elevator.  These colorful fun messages encourage us to take the stairs for a healthier route, and to build small steps to better overall fitness.  

BarkerBlue created and installed these elevator graphics for University of California Healthy Campus Network.  We can create and install any type of Environmental Graphics, and specialize in highly-customized graphics for brand immersion throughout your physical workplace.  See more here:



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