3 Ways Bill.com Builds Corporate Culture with Display Graphics

Bill.com Passionate Wall Graphic by BarkerBlue

"Today’s generation of workers wants to immediately get a sense of the office energy, what the company’s culture says about how they will be treated once hired... They want to feel they are an integral part of the team...Retention and employee engagement are among the biggest challenges facing employers today and office space can help organizations effectively communicate their company culture. (The Engaged Employee, Gensler, 2017) 

Bill.com recently teamed with BarkerBlue to create display-graphics that build their company's culture and inspires employee engagement. Here are 3 key best practices in environmental graphics employed by Bill.com:

  1. Boldly Display Your Brand & Mission in Your Business Space
    Your company's mission and values are essential to building the corporate culture you desire and need in order to motivate your employees and customers. The 2018 “State of the American Workplace” study by Gallup reports that for employees to be highly productive they need “communication about their organization’s mission and purpose.” Yet in many businesses it's unclear what the company mission, values, and identity are. Don't make people guess or they could get it wrong. 

    Instead, be sure to display your company brand in a visible spot at your business location, but also prominently display your mission statement and company values. Bill.com not only includes a bold logo sign in their reception area, but also features their mission and their values on large wall displays throughout their office. This provides a continuous reminder to both employees and customers about the company's overall objective or purpose.

  2.  Inspire Community Spirit & Employee Engagement
    "Though most organizations focus on forging strong ties with customers and external partners, there is also real untapped value in turning that focus inwards and nurturing relationships within your organization. It fosters the type of collaboration, mutual respect and shared successes that you aim to achieve with your external partners. Unfortunately nearly half (49%) of US employees do not have a sense of community at work. Yet 83% of employees feel they make better informed decisions when collaborating." (The Engaged Employee, Gensler, 2017)

    As seen above, Bill.com uses wall graphics of "value trees" to inspire employee engagement. Their employees are encouraged to write notes with examples of company values in action, then post them onto the value-tree wall. This use of large-format wall graphics invites the employee to actively grow the company's tree of values, and promote continuous sharing to foster community spirit.

  3. Drive Increased Productivity
    The use of graphics or artwork in the workplace is reported to increase productivity by 17% as compared to leaner undecorated spaces, according to an Ambius-Exeter Study. A second study from University of Exeter found that workers allowed input into the layout of their work space showed an even higher bump of 32% increased productivity. This alone is reason enough to consider environmental graphics to help drive your productivity.

BarkerBlue is proud to partner with Bill.com to assist in developing their customized environmental graphics.  Need help for your business space?  Contact us for a free consultation or visit https://barkerbluecreate.com to learn more.

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