Magritte Enchants at SFMOMA with Museum Displays by BarkerBlue

There are just seven days left to see “The Fifth Season” Magritte exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). Well worth the visit, this fascinating exhibit shows through 10/28/18. It's a collection of more than 70 Magritte art pieces from the 1940s to the 1960s, many that are showing together for the first time. The exhibition also includes a fun interactive display allowing you to immerse a snapshot of yourself into digital versions of Magritte’s surreal paintings. "The Fifth Season" offers a hypnotic look at Magritte's amazing ability to make dreamlike visions seem real, while also portraying mundane reality as supernatural.

As quoted in SF Chronicle’s May review, “Mystery is not a possibility of reality; reality would not exist without mystery. The banality common to all things is the mystery,” said an artist who could turn an ordinary apple into something titanic by making it fill a room or transpose night on day in the hauntingly becalmed house exteriors of “The Dominion of Light."…With Magritte, the thing that both is and paradoxically isn’t what it seems is the unending story of his art.” (SF Chronicle, Arts & Entertainment, 5/12/18)

BarkerBlue is proud to have produced and installed museum display-graphics for the SFMOMA Magritte exhibition. This included exterior signs, window graphics, wayfinding signage and custom wall graphics. Learn about BarkerBlue Create at, and see more examples of our work here:

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