13 11, 2012

Escalator graphics

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To help visitors to the Asian Art Museum find their way to through the expansive new exhibit, BarkerBlue dressed the Escalators with big bold graphics.

23 10, 2012

Dimensional lobby signage

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When Adap.tv needed to update their lobby signage with new logo – they called on BarkerBlue. Five custom Pantone matched colors painted, clear acylic letters and a stud and stand-off system – really make the new sign pop!

13 08, 2012

Elevator graphics

environmental graphics, Blog, Ceiling, Stair & Floor Graphics, BarkerBlue| Create

A new exhibit has just opened at SFMOMA of One of Japan’s most prominent photographers, Naoya Hatakeyama. A full graphic wrap of the elevator greets guests at the entry of this new exhibit.

10 07, 2012

Office graphics bring the brand inside

environmental graphics, Blog, BarkerBlue| Create

BarkerBlue recently helped a client to bring their brand into their office spaces. Using decorative imagery with a color coded scheme – the conference rooms and lounge areas are now an extension of the corporate identity. High-performance materials were used to ‘wrap’..

17 06, 2012

Interior office graphics

environmental graphics, wall graphics, Blog, BarkerBlue| Create

BarkerBlue recently helped California Trout dress their new office space with big and bold graphics. A large logo sign, mission statement and historic timeline – greet employees and visitors when entering the new space.

20 05, 2012

Cable hanging system for Lobby graphics

signs, Blog, BarkerBlue| Create

BarkerBlue just completed design and installation of an elegant banner cable hanging system at new technology company. Using smart hardware system of brushed aluminum fixtures and aircraft cable – the banners ‘float’ off the wall. Designed for high-traffic area and..

13 05, 2012

Barricade graphic wrap!

BarkerBlue| Build, Blog, Construction Signage

Skin Food is opening its latest retail store and calls on BarkerBlue to help to wrap the barricade during construction. The large ‘curved’ wall created a bit of a challenge as the sightline changes as mall goers pass by. Some creative layout and imaging using Skin..

10 04, 2012

Window Graphics at Flowershow 2012

signs, Blog, BarkerBlue| Create, Outdoor & Out of Home Graphics

Union Square facing facade at Macy's Union Square is adorned with graphics for Macy's annual Flowershow.

08 04, 2012

Photography in Mexico at SFMOMA

environmental graphics, Blog, BarkerBlue| Create, Exhibitions & Museums

he freight elevator gets wrapped with a huge photo mural from SFMOMA’s new exhibit “Photography in Mexico: Selected Works From the Collections of SFMOMA and Daniel Greenberg and Susan Steinhauser”

02 04, 2012

BarkerBlue CEO Gene Klein awarded 2012 Mike Duff Award

Gene Klein, barkerblue news

ReproMAX Partners award the 2012 Mike Duff Award to BarkerBlue’s Gene Klein

March 24, 2012. Gene Klein, President and CEO of BarkerBlue, was awarded the annual Mike Duff Award at the ReproMAX 2012 Spring Executive Conference in Orlando, FL. The Mike Duff Award is the..

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