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Look around in CA and surely you've noticed a kind of modern day gold-rush all around you.  Cranes, hard hats, construction barriers, traffic re-routing -- signs of construction are everywhere.  New buildings are appearing in the Bay Area and across CA at rapid-fire speed. In fact the CA construction boom is very real and not slowing down.  And while we love increased growth, it is creating a lean staffing situation and a level of manpower fatigue that demands new resources in tech efficiency.  See more on this in Construction Dive's recent article,"The 50 States of Construction: Why Robust Demand is Driving CA Contractors to Focus on Efficiency" . The article interviews Mike Humphrey of DPR Construction, a Bay-Area based company out of Redwood City, CA.   To quote Mr. Humphrey, "The tolerance level for pushing speed using labor is getting lower. So there’s a huge push on productivity, efficiency, prefabrication — anything that we can do to use a little less manpower and a little more technology or intelligence. "   

While technology can be a big help, it's critical to ensure your tech platforms are fully integrated to harness the improved efficiency they can offer.  That requires oversight from experts who are proficient in specific construction information applications.  With such lean teams driving to fast deadlines that type of trained tech labor is not often available at construction companies.  That's where BarkerBlue can help.  BarkerBlue provides the tech-savvy skilled staffing you need to manage your construction information with continuity and accuracy across multiple tech platforms.  Our certified staff of construction professionals ensure that all of your project teams are working from the most current and correct information at all times.  Find out how BarkerBlue can help your team adjust to the rapid changes of today's construction industry and produce quality results on deadline, even if your team is stretched thin.  Learn more at

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