Tips on Construction Document Control, Plus Why Use  Professional CIM

 PlanGrid's 10 Tips on Construction Document Control
Construction Companies: Check out these 10 helpful tips from PlanGrid to start defining a process for Construction Document Control: But keep in mind there are still many hours and days of ongoing work needed to actually execute quality management of your Construction Documents.

With the Construction industry still feeling the labor crunch, you may be challenged with finding available skilled staff for the many hours needed to manage, quality check, review, update, accurately maintain and distribute the correct version of plan documents to all parties on a timely basis. Plus if your documents pass through multiple software platforms you may be even more hard-pressed to find that on-staff specialist who can make changes in any software app. And don't forget the added hours that need to be allocated for close-out documents and proper archiving of those records. 

After reviewing the scope of the work required, you may find you need to outsource to get experienced objective Construction Information Management. This eliminates a lot of headaches and frees you up to focus on the Build itself. For help getting Professional quality control and management of all your Construction Data, learn more at

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