2 Powerful Ways Wall Graphics Can Work for You

 Leonard Berstein SF Symphony Exhibit

Amid the massive media buzz and daily information downloads we experience, we often forget there are simpler ways to communicate.  Using your physical environment is one of those effective ways to convey messages.  Plus it usually offers the advantage of no competing media.  No matter what story you are telling, the walls in your lobby or corporate interiors are a perfect canvas for your message.  Here are two powerful ways to make your walls work for you using Environmental Graphics:  EDUCATE and APPRECIATE.

 1) EDUCATE:  Are there important innovators or predecessors who laid the foundation for you?  Perhaps there is a compelling history behind what you do.   If so, informing people about historic or current innovators in your field can engage your audience and help them understand your creation process, product or service.   Educational displays can help people see the full value of what you offer. Above is an example of how The San Francisco Symphony used environmental graphics to educate people about Leonard Bernstein, and recognize the composer for his outstanding contributions.

2)  APPRECIATE:  Are there customers or partners who are critical to your success?  If you have important customers or partners that help your business thrive, showcasing them on your walls is a wonderful way to show appreciation and to thank them.  Here's an example of how our friends at Square did just that. They featured Webster City, Iowa on a wall exhibit and explained how locally-owned businesses drove new commerce that saved this former-factory town (with the help of Square as the commerce tool).  This is a compelling way to say thank you to your customers and partners.

Square's Webster City Iowa Display

Of course there are many stories to tell and ways to tell them.  Regardless of which message is most important to you, don't let your walls sit blank when they can be an active voice for you. After all you work hard to get people through your door to your business, so you want to keep them immersed in your brand or corporate spirit as much as possible, especially while they're at your location.

BarkerBlue specializes in custom environmental graphics and brands your workplace to fit your needs.  We can help transform any workspace be it windows, doors, walls, elevators, or more.  Learn more at https://barkerbluecreate.com/.



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