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Museums play a big role in education, enhancing classroom learning by providing a more immersive and often interactive experience. In fact, the American Alliance of Museums reports that museums invest more than $2 billion a year in education, and attract 850 million visits annually in America. An integral part of a museum’s success includes the use of museum display graphics for exhibits.  Here are three ways that museums educate where display graphics are essential:

  1. Museums Provide Fun Active Learning    Classroom sessions can often feel passive and involve a lot of abstract thinking. Both children and adults alike can get restless with sitting for long periods. Museums allow a more active approach that lets people move about and engage at their own pace. Well-placed exhibits and engaging displays encourage people to move throughout the museum, and spend more or less time as needed on various subject matter.
  2. Museums Engage the Senses   Museums offer an opportunity to engage all the senses – sight, sound, touch, even taste and smell.  Visual Displays are the essential go-to for captivating visitors’ attention as they first enter an exhibit.  Museum display graphics can employ all types of materials to encourage interaction, and use of other senses beyond sight.  For example, various fabrics can be used for touch, and adhesives like Velcro, or magnetic, chalk or white boards, can be used to encourage interaction.
  3. Museums Inspire Curiosity and Exploration   Museums are great places to delve deeper into subjects that intrigue or even baffle us. Large displays help us better experience a new perspective.  They enable us to explore and perceive information in a new way, be it art, history, science or some other human experience. Colorful graphics are often the best way to command visitors’ attention, and evoke emotion or engagement.


Bright colors and tools on this display suggest the essence of creativity.


Pictured above in the first photo: The Exploratorium’s winter exhibition, "Curious Contraptions, Small Machines of Love and Mystery.” This new exhibit opens this month, and is on display from November 16 – January 28th.   The museum chose BarkerBlue to produce and install their colorful super-fun "Contraption" exhibit. BarkerBlue also produced and installed “The Tinkers Wall”, including a huge hanging banner.   Different types of vinyl were used for these displays and BarkerBlue carefully color-matched each of them.  Find out how BarkerBlue can create display graphics for your next art or business project. Contact us at www.barkerbluecreate.com












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