4 Tips to Transform Your Business

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Are you a transformer? If only we could convert into big-screen hero transformers (like Bumblebee) to save the day. Unfortunately most of us are not that superhero-brand of transformer. Yet at some point in our careers we're all asked to alter business dramatically, which at times can seem overwhelming. In reality though, there are small steps we can take that lead to larger change over time. For instance, consistently conveying your business's best expertise and highlighting your brand story and unique innovations is a key step to building growth. 

With that in mind, below are four essential steps you can take to start your business on a path to positive change. All 4 steps are possible with Display Graphics as an affordable way to get there.

  1.  Create Brand Engagement -- Set up a way to encourage continuous brand interaction, making sure to display your brand story and identity with a consistent look and feel in all mediums.
  2. Inspire with Memorable Words -- Select words that can be remembered, be it taglines or other, and that portray the best unique qualities of your brand. Check that the overall message conveys the same feelings you want your visual image to evoke about your business.
  3.  "Get Phygital" -- Phygital means to match your physical branding to your digital branding. Be sure not to forget physical branding for your place of business or workplace which Environmental Graphics can accomplish quickly. This creates immersive real-world experiences for your brand.
  4. Visually Brand Your Event Presence -- Plan ahead for all events to be sure you have the same logo, look and messaging throughout all your event displays. Ensure all visuals tie back to the same physical business or workplace branding, as well as your digital branding. Avoid mixing old and new logos. Always stick to one consistent logo and cohesive images throughout.

See the video above for examples of business transformations using innovative display graphics.  The above basic steps can help set you on a growth path towards a positive transformation.  Of course you'll need business tools to help you on the way. Display Graphics is one of the easier and more affordable tools for telling your story. See more on Custom Display Graphics of all types at https://barkerbluecreate.com




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