Citrix Creates Immersive Branding with Environmental Graphics


"Beyond wellness programs, transportation services, catered food & beverage, and other amenities, companies are creating enriching experiences and deeper engagement with employees as soon as they physically step into the office through unique brand touchpoints, called environmental graphics." (Building Design + Construction)

Environmental Graphics Design (EGD) tells a visual story to create a memorable or inspiring experience in a built space. There are many applications and benefits to installing Environmental Graphics in your workplace, but here are just a few:

  • Create a brand-immersive setting with a recognizable identity and culture.
  • Memorialize company history, milestones and progress.
  • Tell a specific story in a focused way.
  • Engage your workforce.
  • Organize workers around a common goal or theme.
  • Recognize and celebrate an employee or team contribution.
  • Appreciate and thank a customer with a featured display.

BarkerBlue recently partnered with DoubleShot Creative to create and install environmental graphics for Citrix, a technology company that not only helps deliver a quality digital workspace, but now can display their own beautifully-designed physical space as well.

"Environmental graphics are one way to make a good experience great, by introducing inspiration, meaning and purpose into the workspace, as well as brand authenticity. The findings [from Gensler's 2017 Experience Index] indicate that “People are 10 times more likely to share their experience on social media” when spaces have unique design features, which is one of many reasons why environmental graphic design (EGD) matters." (Building Design + Construction)

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