Stairway to Brand Heaven with Display Graphics

Transitional spaces in your physical environment offer a unique opportunity to feature compelling images or fun and motivational messages. The right display graphics in these locations can boost your brand and corporate messaging. Plus they can unify your digital and physical branding for a full omni-channel experience. Staircases, in particular, offer a dramatic eye-catching canvas because they are typically prominent, and demand a person’s full attention. 

3 Areas to Focus On and Tips to Help
  1. Business Environments: To Connect Separate Spaces and Work Teams

 “Companies today value the staircase as both a physical and a psychological connector linking employees in different departments. It has become a tool to generate openness and collaboration, two primary goals of modern office design… In many offices, staircases are no longer in the back, the only way out to escape a fire, or the less pleasant alternative to the elevator. They are the heart of the office, much like the kitchen is the gathering place in many homes.” (The Wall Street Journal)

According to Kimberly Sacramone, design principal and managing director of HLW International:

“In the past, companies might have organized themselves in different departments and might have been more siloed. Nowadays, people are trying to break down those silos.” (The Wall Street Journal)

  • For stairway graphics, be sure to choose wide-appeal themes that everyone in your office can relate to. This can integrate disjointed office spaces or departments to encourage better flow and collaboration.
  • Consider staircase graphics that convey a corporate motto, tagline, or unique positive image that inspires motivation, participation and workplace pride for all employees.

  1. Special Events or Tradeshows: To Stand Out in the Crowd

 “Staircases within event venues have enormous potential for event producers: Naturally eye-catching architectural features, they can serve as prominent places to communicate marketing messages or to grab guests' attention with on-theme decor. Incorporating staircases into event design and branding can also serve as a clear way to direct attendees to various areas of a party space.” (

  • Promote your logo or brand identity on high-traffic stairs at your events, or display an intriguing image or message that plants a seed suggesting the need for your brand.

  1. Wayfinding at Large Buildings: To Direct the Crowd to You

 “The goal of wayfinding signage is to always direct people to their intended destination. Second to that, it should get them to a common area where they can get the information they need about their destination. To do this, it needs to be seen and interpreted instantly. … A sign needs to say a lot in a few words. Make sure it delivers a clear message and gives people everything they need to take the next step.” (Space IQ)

Stairways are a logical place to feature directional signage or messaging, including icons or images that direct people to their destination. Stairway wayfinding can also remind people where to find your brand or product within the building (think office suite or floor in a large building, booth location at large tradeshows, or directions to a conference or meeting room in your office building). Since stairways catch people at the juncture of transition, and literally help move them from one place to another, it makes them an ideal spot to feature directional graphics.

  • To ensure your wayfinding stairway is seen, select graphics with bold high-contrast shapes, colors, or lighting. This avoids fading into the background.
  • Keep the directional graphics simple and crisp so the messaging is obvious to everyone who sees or climbs the staircase.

BarkerBlue created and installed the staircase graphics featured in the video above. We offer custom-designed display and environmental graphics of all kinds. If your space has unique challenges we can help, as we work with all kinds of environments and tailor solutions to create and install for your unique corporate offices, events, museum or retail space. Learn more at


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