Dior Spreads Joy at Macy's SF with Help from BarkerBlue

Christian Dior recently launched Joy at Macy's Union Square, in San Francisco. Joy is Dior's new millennials-focused fragrance expected to become a pillar fragrance, akin to a master brand.  Actress Jennifer Lawrence is both the inspiration for and the face of Joy.

BarkerBlue dressed the cosmetics department at Macy's with Joy by Dior supersized graphics you can't miss. These large signs are visible right at the main entrance and exit to the store. Custom made tension-fabric frames and graphics also anchor the ends of the main aisle. Plus the vitrines are all wrapped in consistently-branded Joy by Dior graphics.  All these retail graphics were produced and installed by BarkerBlue. Learn more about BarkerBlue Create and see our wide range of Display Graphics solutions here: https://barkerbluecreate.com/


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