Visit California’s branded event space @ The Village!

Have you heard about Visit California? They’re more formally known as California Travel & Tourism Commission.  It’s a nonprofit organization formed in 1998 with one goal; to market California as a desirable tourism destination. In the end of September they organized an event for travel bureaus and agencies to highlight Visit California.

BarkerBlue were commissioned to help create an immersive experience for this event. The event space, The Village, displayed the installed branded elements. After closely working together for a couple of weeks, the graphics were fully designed.  As part of our service at BarkerBlue, we offer full installment of our graphics!

As you can se from the graphics above, the project graphics required super sized enlargements which we gathered from the VisitCA archives of photography. These images represented locations throughout California in a fantastic super resolution. Once again we fulfilled our client’s needs just in time for their hosted event space, The Village.

BarkerBlue offers custom event graphics, such as the ones for Visit California. How are you going to brand your next event? Contact us today!

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