Check out this Acrylic Sign we made for Prezi

We’re sure everyone has heard about Prezi. It’s a great presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to making traditional presentation slides. What is innovative about Prezi is that you’re allowed to use one large canvas, enabling you to zoom in and out.

In 2008 Prezi opened their headquarters downtown in San Francisco. Since then, a lot of changes has been done in their office, especially when it comes to their office graphics. Recently, Prezi’s branding and facilities teams called on BarkerBlue to design and produce a quality acrylic sign for their San Francisco office space.

Our production team helped put together the complex Prezi logo with a lot of detailed solutions to create a big impact. For it to be outstanding it was necessary to use multiple layers of custom pattern cut acrylics and a sturdy wall mount system. The high gloss finish helps create a great contrast to the matte painted wall surfaces at the Prezi office. If you take a really close look at the picture, you can see how each individual piece of the left section of their logo is attached to a clear acrylic surface, which then again was mounted onto the wall.

Both our display graphics consultant, Will, and Prezi’s facilities team were satisfied with the end result for this acrylic sign. We enjoyed our first time working with Prezi and hope our relationship continues.

Are you looking for an acrylic sign for your business? We would love to help! Click below to read more about the signage solutions we offer and to see some of our latest sign projects!

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