Lyft’s New Ad Campaign hits Oakland Airport!

If you live in the Bay Area, you have probably noticed Lyft’s new advertising campaign. It is to this date the company’s largest ad campaign, including their first national TV ad and artwork by Israeli artist Noma Bar. The artwork used throughout the country really distinguishing Lyft’s campaign, using an elegant element of negative space and simple colors. The campaign has been featured on a wide range of out-of-home advertising platforms, such as busses, billboards, banners, taxi rooftops and more.

A big part of their ad campaign has also been advertising on airports all over the bay area. SFO, Oakland and San Jose were among the airports receiving graphics for the big campaign rollout. We were called on by Lyft to help optimize this rollout. For Oakland’s International baggage claim, we printed and installed a supersized graphic that wraps the upper soffit.  The graphic, which displays artwork by Noma Bar, a discount code and clear call to action, is more than 133 feet long and 6 feet tall.What do you think of Lyft’s new ad campaign? We think it is a great way of using artwork to elegantly convey their messages.

Click here to see more of Noma Bar’s work for Lyft’s latest ad campaign
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