It sounds like the kiss of death: letting your brand or image go soft.  But often that’s exactly what’s called for.  Especially when “soft” means displaying your brand or image on fabric.  Most people think T-shirts or clothing when you suggest branded textiles, which is certainly a fun application.  However, now you can quickly create very large display graphics on all kinds of fabric, thanks to digital imaging and wide-format printing.

One big advantage of textile printing is the wide choice of material.  The fabric used can be sheer, for a breezy, elegant or even ghostly look, or as dense and sturdy as artist canvas.   Either way, fabric delivers both vibrant and subtle colors with outstanding impact.  So where should you use textiles for display?  Here are five good places:

1. At Trade Shows: Cloth signage is bold and colorful, but also less prone to damage.   Plus, it offers ease of set-up and break-down, and is lightweight to cut down on drayage costs.

2. For Special Events and Meetings: Perfect when needing temporary wall graphics, dividers, or banners.  Uses include hanging banners, column wraps and table drapes.

3. In Art or Science Exhibits, or Other Visual Displays:  Fabric adds texture and movement, and can be backlit for dramatic effect.

4. In Fast-Changing Retail Spaces: Where hanging fabric banners are increasingly popular.  Also, tension-frame and fabric graphics provide ease of install for in-store merchandisers.

5. At Sports Arenas or Games: Where sponsor banners, press backdrops, and signs may be easily repositioned per game or season.

See our unique fabric walls above, created for ONEder, a special event produced by our friends at OneWorkplace.  Let BarkerBlue create custom graphics for your workspace or business project.  Learn more here: https://barkerbluecreate.com/











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