Walker Evans Walls & Windows of America at SFMOMA 

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What is it exactly that defines and portrays the essence of America?  This is a question that many artists explore through a variety of mediums.  One medium particularly well poised with a keen eye for truth is photography.  And when it comes to a keen eye for truth in America, Walker Evans's photography is something you just must see.  Right now at SFMOMA there are walls of portraits and other displays of Walker Evans's work, on exhibit through February 4th. Evans's candid photos of everyday people and settings formed the start of photojournalistic realism in America. In fact, his work became the backbone of many subsequent famous photographers. 

"Over five decades, Evans’s powerful images responded to and reflected the spirit, suffering, and fortitude of a nation. His iconic images of the Great Depression and his postwar photo essays depicting shop window displays, urban architecture, and junked automobiles defined a new documentary style that continues to influence generations of artists." -- sfmoma.org

The question of what is the essence of America is just as relevant today as it was during Evans's lifetime.  All the more reason not to miss the SFMOMA Walker Evans exhibit.  You'll find captivating wall graphics of Evans photos throughout the interior of the exhibit.  From the moment you arrive you'll also see outdoor signs and window displays of Evans's work.  Both indoor and outdoor graphics were created and installed by BarkerBlue.  BarkerBlue specializes in museum displays, in addition to all kinds of display graphics to brand your workplace.  See more at https://barkerbluecreate.com/what-we-do/solutions/environmental-graphics/

Walker Evans Signs at SFOMA by BarkerBlue.png


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