YES Wall Graphics Spring Forward Company Growth

YES Wall Graphics w Cubicles by BarkerBlue 1

Spring is nature's way of introducing change and growth, so it's a perfect time for companies to expand to new locations or design a fresh interior look. Yield Engineering Systems (YES) recently did just that by opening a new office in Fremont, CA.   

BarkerBlue teamed with both Yield Engineering Systems and Insidesource, an office furnishings company, to create and install the new vinyl wall graphics pictured here. Using supersized digitally printed and custom-pattern-cut graphics, BarkerBlue created a bold YES statement inspiring just the right positive setting for tech innovation.

BarkerBlue Create is proud to have the opportunity to collaborate with Insidesource, and with Yield Engineering Systems as they spring forward with their exciting new office.   

Need new inspiration for your office?  See our portfolio for ideas, and learn more about wall graphics and other environmental graphics solutions at


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