4 Reasons for Event Marketing, Plus Free Planning Tools


Despite our increasingly digital world, physical event marketing still has dramatic staying power, drawing packed audiences to large venues throughout the year. Ever wonder why?

Here are four reasons why event marketing remains effective, plus planning tools to help you stand out at events.

Reasons for Physical Event Marketing

  1. It creates an Immersive Personal Experience.  We've all heard the expression "You had to be there!". It speaks to the reality that most things are better experienced than just talked about. Physical events, executed well, let you immerse your event audience in your product or brand to experience it completely. It's a great opportunity to get up close and have face-to-face interactions with potential buyers as they try your product. This helps you personalize your brand and your company. 
  2. Events Engage and Educate People More than Advertising. "Most people go out of their way to avoid commercials, yet most will also go out of their way for a new experience. That’s why experiential marketing works so well. Tie your brand or product to a fun experience, like a live event, and consumers are more likely to get the message. In fact, about 65% of consumers say that live events and product demonstrations helped them fully understand a product better than any commercial or other method could." (Forbes, August, 2018)
  3. Events Deliver a More Relevant Interested Audience. Because events are typically centered around a specific theme or industry group, they tend to attract a high-interest audience that's ready to engage. Selecting the right event themes and materials that relate to your product or service can further ensure you attract your target audience. Pre-marketing your event presence ahead of time can help cultivate even more interest in discovering your brand at the event. 
  4. Millennials Prefer Event Experiences Before Buying.  Millennials, now the largest generation in the U.S. and the fastest growing segment of the workforce, choose to engage in event experiences over other types of marketing. "Millennials are looking for something different, and they prefer experiences over owning material things. For example, 72 percent of millennials would rather spend cash on travel, music festivals and one-of-a-kind events than cars and homes, according to research from Harris Group cited by CNBC."  (Limelight.com, 2/18)

All of this spells out sound rationale for investing in physical events, but it doesn't automatically equal a slam-dunk for your own event success. Like most things, event marketing is only as good as its planning and execution. 

Tools for Event Planning and Execution

Complete event planning and strategic implementation is essential to successful events. This requires managing a number of details including event branding and display graphics, both cornerstones to event success. To help, BarkerBlue created two free tools to guide you in planning and managing your events. Click the button below to request these.

Free Event Tools



Use these tools to ensure you set clear event branding, and choose the most appropriate and compelling event displays. Remember, the key to successful events is to plan ahead, so don't wait: Request Your Free Event Tools Today.

Plan and execute your event well, and you'll create a lasting impression and a memorable positive experience with your brand. This goes a long way towards establishing a strong rapport with your potential buyers, and can help grow your brand recognition and sales.

If you need help developing and installing custom event displays, BarkerBlue Create can assist. See our Portfolio Here or Contact Us to discuss your project. 


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