BarkerBlue Adds Stage Power for LiLou the Therapy Pig

LiLou the Pig & BarkerBlue Stage Banner

By now you've probably heard of therapy dogs or comfort animals. But you may not know about LiLou the SFO Therapy Pig, a trailblazing member of the Wag Brigade at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO). In the wake of 911, several airports added certified trained animals to help provide emotional support for stressed-out travelers. However, SFO is the only U.S. airport with a therapy pig, and LiLou holds the unique honor of being the only Ms. Piggy on a team made up of support canines.  As you can see from her picture with painted toes and bows, she's bound to draw attention and inspire a smile.

"LiLou is the first pig to be certified in the Animal Assisted Therapy Program of the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. She has a variety of costumes, including a Wag Brigade “Pet Me!” vest. And, according to the stats on LiLou’s Wag Brigade trading card, she also performs a variety of tricks, including greeting people with her snout or a wave, twirling and standing up on her back hooves, and playing a toy piano -- with a proper, post-performance bow. (USA Today)."

Noe Valley Animal Fair Banner by BarkerBlue Create

In addition to her once a month visits to the San Francisco airport, LiLou also makes a variety of other scheduled appearances in and around the San Francisco Bay area. In fact, she recently appeared on stage at the Noe Valley Animal Fair, an educational pet adoption event providing "Fun for Animals in Rescue!".  And though LiLou is a seasoned pro on-stage, she shined even brighter with the help of a colorful stage banner designed and created by BarkerBlue for the event.

BarkerBlue is proud to support animal rescue and happy to help community events like the Noe Valley Animal Fair.  We specialize in custom event displays and environmental graphics of all kinds.  Learn more at




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