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Earlier last week we posted a blog post to clear up some of the confusion around environmental graphics. We included the benefits that come along with environmental graphics for a company workspace. To summarize it is all about implementing a brand in a three dimensional space, such as corporate lobbies and receptions, office buildings, employee areas and similar. It is a great way to increase brand equity and improves how the employee engages and relates at their workplace through an immersive experience that is provided by environmental graphics.

Today it is used by companies all around the bay area, both small and large. We have helped brand the environments of both Fortune 500 companies and small local startups.

What we at BarkerBlue find cool about environmental graphics is the creative process and endless opportunities. There are countless ways of branding your environment in such a way and the only limit is your imagination! The most traditional way of carrying out such a project would be through signage and wall graphics, but as mentioned earlier the opportunities are endless. Ceiling and floor graphics, furniture, window film and pop up displays are all elements you can use when branding your environment.

Here at BarkerBlue we are branding the bay area by working closely with companies so that they optimize the work environment. With this blog post we would like to show you some of our recent environmental graphics projects. Check them out below and let us know what you think! 


Infographic Wallcovering for Quantcast

BarkerBlue was called on by the tech company Quantcast to help tell a story about their recently established Chicago team. We always offer full service with designing the graphics, but in this case Quantcast had their own designers set up an infographic for us to install. This supersized infographic in a deep purple shade presents facts and information about the city Chicago and its culture as well as their recently established team.

The high-performance wall covering materials we use for our wall graphics provides great outstanding colors and a super durability. The material is very easy to install as well as to remove. The PVC-free wallpaper meets the client’s eco-conscience standards, satisfying the needs of Quantcast. For this project BarkerBlue was only called on to install the wall graphic as a part of the full environmental graphics. Once again we are proud to say that we satisfied our client's needs. 

Visit California

Event Graphics for visit California @ The Village Event Space

The nonprofit organization Visit California held an event for travel agencies and bureaus to highlight Visit California in the end of September earlier this year. The event was held at the event space The Village located in downtown San Francisco, an event space we have numerous years of experience with providing custom event graphics and signage for.

For this project, we worked closely with Visit California for a couple of weeks to fulfill the event graphics. Just in time for their hosted event, the super sized graphics were installed by BarkerBlue, as a part of our service.


Twitch goes big with office graphics for their lunch room! 

When Twitch wanted to rebrand their headquarters in San Francisco’s Financial district, BarkerBlue was called on. This supersized custom artwork featuring many characters from the online gaming company was 65’ long and 9’ high and wraps around several walls in the employee lounge area of the headquarter.

To optimally carry out this project, we used a high-performance digitally printed wall covering materials designed for durability. When working with a project like this we believe it is important that our graphics always withstand the rigors of the space. The end-results of this project is a cool looking supersized wall graphic covering the 65’ long wall in the employee lounge.

You can read more about Twitch and their mission at their webpage.

Lending Club


Not too long ago BarkerBlue was contacted by LendingClub to help brand their San Francisco headquarters. They wanted us to work on two different locations; the main entry of their office space and the micro Café for employees (called Orbit Café).

Together with LendingClub we drafted together the idea and were now ready for the installment. All the elements of this project, both the signage and wall coverings were printed in our San Mateo facility ahead of the day of the installment. We arrived early morning for the installment, which took less than an hour. We are proud to say that another environmental graphics project had been successfully completed, satisfying the clients needs.

As in this project we provide design and printing of both signage and wall graphics.


That’s it for now. If you would have any questions regarding our services anyting similar, we are always happy to answer. You can read more about our environmental graphics services by clicking the button below. Stay tuned!

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