Following This Giant's Building Boom?


"Amazon promises to build a $5B second headquarters to host 50,000 high-paying tech employees with a median income of $100K in the city that offers the most alluring incentives — but once you take in a tech powerhouse like Amazon, the construction boom won’t stop with HQ2." (BisNow,8/28/18)

[Amazon] will bring in not just the employees themselves, but all of the businesses that will support them — the schools needed, the restaurants needed, all of the things that are needed to support that many people,” said David Cain, chief marketing officer at mobile construction software company PlanGrid.  In a report analyzing the 20 HQ2 finalists to determine which is the most construction-friendly, PlanGrid found the 10 U.S. metro areas that are the most equipped to handle the inevitable construction boom that will come with HQ2, ranking them in the following order:

Austin, Texas

Northern Virginia


Raleigh, North Carolina




Nashville, Tennessee

Montgomery County, Maryland

Columbus, Ohio. "  (BisNow, 8/28/18) 

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