Guess BarkerBlue's  Mystery Graphic (11-8-18)

BarkerBlue Mystery Graphic-11-8

BarkerBlue Create is back with another Mystery Graphic to puzzle over. Check out this anonymous blue bear. It looks like he just woke from a 17th century hibernation, his quill pen ready to journal his latest adventures. 

Can you fill in the blanks about this mysterious graphic?  Think of your answer for each blank shown in the bold description text below. Then submit them through our Blog Comments either from this page, or from elsewhere by clicking through to

"This whimsical but towering creature appears as part of this organization's promotion of the arts:_____________________ (name the organization), and appears in this city: ______________."

See our next Thursday's Nov. 15th blog for the correct answers.  View the BarkerBlue portfolio here.  Find more info. on all our display graphic solutions at


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