How To Improve Data to Reduce Construction Rework

 4 Areas to Leverage Digital Construction Plans


Poor Data Fuels Construction Rework

A joint study between software company PlanGrid and FMI Corporation recently reported a growing problem that is plaguing many construction companies today: Poor data and miscommunication is driving over half of all construction rework. Worse, rework due to data mismanagement and misunderstanding is costing U.S. construction companies  $31.3 billion in 2018.   

Digital Guidelines Needed to Improve Data

The lack of available digital standards continues to result in several companies unknowingly inserting  "rogue data " and data mistakes into their project plans. This generates incorrect plan detours plus confusion that can lead work crews to complete unnecessary rework. While most construction companies are aware of this growing data dilema, they don't have the time or ready resources to develop the digital standards needed to improve their data.  

FREE AEC Digital Standards Guide 

BarkerBlue understands a key step to reducing rework requires setting and following specific quality-control standards for your digital plans. To help the industry we are offering a FREE AEC eGuide with clear document guidelines to assist you with organizing your digital plans. Use this guide to streamline your documents to:

  • Stop data detours and mistakes, and...
  • Reduce unnecessary rework.  

Click this blue link to Request Your FREE eGuide: "4 Areas to Leverage the Power of Digital Construction Plans."  Or click on the Guide image above to get started. By following the steps in this guide you can better harness the power of your software, and begin to reduce the data disconnects that drive up your rework costs. Click on one of the Free eGuide links and start reducing rework costs today.



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