Need a Robot Dog, Or a Data Hound?

 Robot Dog from Boston Dynamics

"SpotMini is a four-legged dog-like robot that’s just under three feet tall, outfitted with 3D vision and 17 distinct joints. Boston Dynamics, the company that makes SpotMini, wants to be on pace to produce a thousand SpotMini robots annually by July 2019 for commercial use."  (Inverse, 10/12/18)

"Robots are well on their way to becoming valuable members of construction teams. SpotMini is just one of Boston Dynamics' several robots. The much-anticipated Atlas humanoid robot isn’t as close to market as SpotMini is — it’s not even clear yet if the company will sell Atlas — but the humanoid robot can achieve whole-body mobile manipulation through coordinating arm, torso and leg motions. It also boasts exceptional balancing ability while performing tasks, which the company says will allow it to “work in a large volume while occupying only a small footprint.” Technology appears to be one of the top methods construction companies are using to alleviate the labor shortage." (Construction Dive Insight, 10/17/18)

Robots are just one interesting example of tech advancements in the construction industry. Others include: virtual construction, offsite prefabrication, BIM, drones, GPS, laser-guided equipment and more. And yet many in the industry are still trying to catch up with leveraging all of their current technology effectively. More specifically, they are still trying to adjust to the increased data management needs that new software platforms typically require.

Construction Professionals:  What do you think of construction tech advancements?  How are they impacting your business with regards to data management?  We'd love to hear your feedback in our blog comments at the bottom of the page. We've seen how new tech adoption can drive new reams of data, some useful and some confusing. If you're struggling with managing your construction data, find out how BarkerBlue Build can streamline your data management to improve cost, risk and time efficiencies. After all, while you're waiting for your robot dog, you may need a good data hound to help you realize full value from your current technology!

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