Pinterest Knit Con Shines with Graphics by Hybrid Design & BarkerBlue

BarkerBlue Wall Graphics Close Up for Knit Con 2019


“What does an in-real-life version of Pinterest look like?" For the past 5 years Pinterest has been producing Knit Con, an internal event gathering about 700 or more employees together to answer that question by displaying Pinterest online interests in off-line real life. (Sources: Pinterest Newsroom, Business Insider.)

Event graphics play a critical role in bringing abstract online apps to life with physical real-world displays. BarkerBlue recently partnered with Pinterest's ad agency Hybrid Design on the fifth annual 2019 Knit Con – an event showcasing 250 employee-teachers around the world, dozens of guest speakers and over 20 Pinner-and creator-led classes.

As online experiences proliferate it's becoming even more important to stand out by clearly demonstrating how the online experience can better our real life experience. 2019 Knit Con is designed to do just that. In tackling this assignment with Hybrid Design, BarkerBlue faced and solved several unique challenges to creating highly-customized event and environmental display graphics, including:

  • Complex engineering to find the right performance materials for different surface types.
  • Custom creation for a variety of surfaces and display types -- glass, metal, unfinished plywood, and exposed concrete.
  • Using all digitally-printed graphics that are custom pattern-cut using pressure-sensitive adhesives, bond papers, rigid board and magnetic sheeting.
  • All materials must be carefully selected for the different surfaces/applications and allow for clean removal.
  • Synchronized after-hour installation over two nights required to ensure no interruption to employees during work time.

According to Pinterest, “More than 250 million people use Pinterest each month around the world to discover ideas in travel, art, style, food and more, so we know our skills and passions from outside of work or beyond our job titles are just as integral to the experiences we deliver.”  (Pinterest Newsroom).

Knit Con is an inspirational event that brings those personal interests and passions to life with a variety of participatory workshops held at the Pinterest corporate spaces. Year after year the event has proven extremely successful in illustrating the value of the Pinterest platform.

"Knit Con ends up with an approval rating of 95% or above every year, and the CEO mentioned it in a talk he gave as one of the most important moves the company made to keep its identity during a period of major growth.” (

BarkerBlue is proud to partner with Pinterest and Hybrid Design to help bring Knit Con alive at their two corporate locations in San Francisco. Learn more about BarkerBlue’s event graphics here, or visit BarkerBlue Create directly to see all of our display graphics solutions:


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