15 05, 2016

Conference Room Frostings Reflecting the Company Values!

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Last month, we were called on by the mobile advertising platform Applift. They wanted us to add more privacy to their conference room’s glass walls. After further discussion, they told us that they wanted to show their employees and clients that they value their..

01 05, 2016

Powerful Lobby Signage

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Have you heard about Lateral Investment Management? They’re one of the fastest growing investment businesses in the bay area.  Lateral Investment Management focuses on providing financing to owner-operated and family-owned businesses, now that is pretty cool!

09 04, 2016

Tension Fabric Graphics for the MOMA

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A long-time client and friend of ours, the San Francisco Museum of Modern art, reached out to us a little while ago to see if we could help visualize their latest exhibit. The MOMA came to us looking for a set of tension framed fabric displays, something we definitely..

01 03, 2016

When Called on by MRM..

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Earlier last month, our friends at MRM contacted BarkerBlue’s consultant team to brand their conference rooms. Their main objective was to provide an identity to their conference rooms throughout their San Francisco space. After our courteously consultation with the..

14 02, 2016

Super Bowl 50 – Levi’s Stadium 2016!

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Yesterday was the BIG Event; Super Bowl 50, 2016 and the Bay Area hosted the Carolina Panthers and Denver Bronco’s.  BarkerBlue was at the start for many of the engulfed activities around the bay.

05 01, 2016

Supersized Banners for Cisco’s new Campaign

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Earlier last month, Cisco launched their new global brand campaign. The campaign is titled “There’s Never Been a Better Time” and positions Cisco as a global networking leader.

03 11, 2015

Visit California’s branded event space @ The Village!

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Have you heard about Visit California? They’re more formally known as California Travel & Tourism Commission.It’s a nonprofit organization formed in 1998 with one goal; to market California as a desirable tourism destination. In the end of September they organized an..

09 09, 2015

We Googled Google and found out this!

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Do you remember when Google launched their new logo last month?  So do we! BarkerBlue was on the forefront on installing the new controversial Google logo! We were super excited when Google reached out and asked for our services so we would like to share it with you.

09 09, 2015

What do Clinique, Macy’s, and BarkerBlue all have in common?

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Do you know the latest trend in retail marketing? BarkerBlue has led retail merchandising solutions throughout seasonal campaigns. We are ramping up for the holiday season and want to share with you what we have done with Macy’s seasonal displays.

09 05, 2015

World Map for Google

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Check out this very descriptive world map we helped produce for our friends over at Google from a while ago! As you probably have noticed by looking at the design, each country is displayed by its name spelled out in different sizes. Pretty cool, right? Are you looking..

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