27 09, 2016

Custom Wall-Covering for Youtube!

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Not too long ago, we were called on by YouTube to help bring one of their green rooms to life. The green room, filled with camera equipment for live streaming, was brought to life through this custom vinyl wall covering displaying the YouTube logo surrounded by their..

25 09, 2016

Wall Decal Showing Global Reach

environmental graphics, wall graphics, Blog, BarkerBlue| Create

A couple of weeks ago, the information technology and services company eFoundry reached out to us to see if we could help brand their Bay Area office. They came to us wanting to display the different locations where their clients are located on a world map. The custom..

18 09, 2016

Event Graphics for Criteo!

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Have you heard of Criteo? They are an online advertising and retargeting agency with offices all over the world.

18 08, 2016

Check out this Acrylic Sign we made for Prezi

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We’re sure everyone has heard about Prezi. It’s a great presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to making traditional presentation slides. What is innovative about Prezi is that you’re allowed to use one large canvas, enabling you to zoom in and out.

15 06, 2016

Supersized Graphics for Red Bull Flying Bach

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Last month, Red Bull hosted the dance performance Flying Bach at the San Francisco Nob Hill Masonic Center. The performance combines breakdance with modern ballet to an electronica adaption of Johan Bach’s work. Sounds pretty cool, right?

10 06, 2016

Plum Organics – Taking Care of our Infants, One Spoon at a Time!

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In 2007 Plum Organics, leaders in the baby food industry, opened their doors when a small group of parents came together with one goal: to reinvent the baby food market as we today know it. With over 130 products marketed in the US, they offer a wide range of organic..

07 06, 2016

SF MOMA’s Opening!

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We’re sure that you’ve already heard about San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s most recent expansion. It was designed by SFMOMA in partnership with the Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta. The expansion doubled the museums previous exhibition space, adding another..

26 05, 2016

Lyft’s New Ad Campaign hits Oakland Airport!

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If you live in the Bay Area, you have probably noticed Lyft’s new advertising campaign. It is to this date the company’s largest ad campaign, including their first national TV ad and artwork by Israeli artist Noma Bar. The artwork used throughout the country really..

22 05, 2016

Continued work with San Francisco Museum of Modern Art!

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We are proud to present our work with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA)!

17 05, 2016

Lobby Window Treatment for KBA

Blog, BarkerBlue| Create, Windows & Glass Graphics

Have you heard of KBA Docusys? They’re a leading provider of business imaging technology, with more than seven branches in the Bay Area

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