When Simple Wayfinding Works

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Wayfinding is one of those words you've gotta love for describing just what it does: it helps you find your way.  What exactly is wayfinding?  The simple definition: wayfinding is directional signage or messaging that helps you navigate to a destination.  

Nowadays most of us just use GPS to find our way.  That's great for outdoors, but what happens when we're inside large or complicated buildings where we need more specific direction? That's often when simple (non-digital) wayfinding does the trick to get you where you need to go.  Think Hospitals, Museums, Large Corporate Buildings, Large Events, and Building Renovation or Construction Sites.  Without simple wayfinding in these environments, many of us would still be wandering or lost.

One example of quick-reference wayfinding is the sign pictured above for PureStorage.  Using this functional sign, once inside the building, people can easily locate the IT Help Desk.  Another example of an artistic wayfinding sign is the one pictured above at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).  This sign quickly tells museum-goers looking for the Magritte Exhibit which floor to go to.  Plus it gives people a taste of the art to come, and is easily recognizable by including a graphic selection with Magritte's trademark bowler hat.

BarkerBlue created and installed these two wayfinding signs, and can help with display graphics of all kinds.   See our portfolio for more examples of our work, and see What We Do to learn more about the variety of graphic display solutions we provide.





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