Decking Halls & Virtual Walls for Macy's Holiday Shopping

Macy's Xmas Windows by BarkerBlue-1

The holiday bustle is officially on. We all know that relative, friend or co-worker who started gift-buying before Thanksgiving, or even last year. But what about the rest of us who are too last-minute to make online purchase deadlines? And what if we can't afford the extra shipping charges?

"You love shopping for bargains online, but sometimes the idea of paying for shipping is such a drag—not to mention it takes the joy out of a good deal.

Luckily, more and more brick-and-mortar retailers are starting up “Buy Online Pick Up in Store” (aka BOPIS or BOPUS) programs, where you can shop online and then pick up for free in the store, often mere hours later (or after it’s shipped and arrives)." (

Macy's Union Square in San Francisco is no exception, and is offering their own "Buy Online Pick Up in Store".  This sure beats paying extra and waiting for the longer turn-around to ship to your home. Another plus to BOPIS: it avoids the risk of porch-front or doorstep theft which is on the rise.

BarkerBlue recently helped Macy's Union Square create holiday window graphics to remind shoppers of their BOPIS program. BarkerBlue specializes in retail graphics, event graphics and all kinds of display graphics.  Need large displays for your retail store or office?  See our portfolio and all our environmental graphics at or contact us at:



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