Millennials Want A Seamless Brand Experience Everywhere


Millennials are the most-connected “always on” generation, having grown up with the internet and all types of online content from a myriad of devices. This generation, now outnumbering the baby boomer generation, demands seamless consistent access to brands wherever they are and from any device or environment they choose. In fact, according to a study conducted by SDL:

  • 60 percent of millennials surveyed expect a consistent experience from brands whether they interact online, in store or via phone.

“These statistics indicate how critical it is for marketers to adapt to the rapidly changing range of consumer behaviors, preferences and expectations. Customers move effortlessly between on and offline touch points and they expect brands to travel with them, responding to and anticipating their needs.” (

This means to be competitive your brand must extend from digital into physical space as well, be it temporary or permanent. You need access to marketing tools and support services that can take your brand on the road, and convey your consistent branding at any location without compromising your brand’s look, personality or integrity.

Thankfully all of this is possible with the use of a reliable Event Graphics company that offers a wide choice of portable display materials that can easily be changed and renewed.

Take a look at the above example of temporary Window Graphics that BarkerBlue produced and installed for a SF Chronicle public relations event.  See more on Event Graphics and other Environmental Graphics at

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