09 02, 2021


large format graphics, #interiordesign #design #office #architecture#inte, #interiorgraphics, Office, BarkerBlue| Create, Windows & Glass Graphics

This new office space gets floor to ceiling glass for conference rooms and offices.   BarkerBlue helps to add a custom graphic pattern and room names to the glass.  The graphics are digitally printed to optically clear film to get exact on brand color match and..

04 02, 2021

Cathedral Boys School Opening Safely

large format graphics, Floor Graphics, #interiorgraphics, BarkerBlue| Create, Safety Signage, Covid safety signage, school signage

As elementary schools open for teachers and students - BarkerBlue helps with safety signage and acrylic sneeze guards.  Informational and wayfinding signage is placed throughout the multi-story building.  A-Frame, door and wall signage greats all visitors and..

02 02, 2021

MEMSQL is Now SingleStore

exterior signage, large format graphics, #interiorgraphics, BarkerBlue| Create, Windows & Glass Graphics

BarkerBlue helps with updated Exterior Sigange at SingleStore.  As MEMSQL becomes SingleStore - the brand refresh includes Interior and Exterioe sigage at their San Francisco offices.

28 01, 2021

SFMOMA Re-Opening Safety Signage

large format graphics, Floor Graphics, #interiorgraphics, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, BarkerBlue| Create, Museum Display Graphics, Safety Signage, Covid safety signage

In anticipation of re-opening to the public - San Francisco Museum of Modern Art calls on BarkerBlue for safety signage.  After detailed traffic plan of both museum admin and visitors travel paths, signage was designed.  Wall and floor graphics at ticketing,..

25 01, 2021

Bay Area Tech Company Library

glass graphics, large format graphics, #interiorgraphics, BarkerBlue| Create

This undisclosed Bay Area Tech company adds a themed Library space.   The space includes an international mix of decor, colors and textures. The room glass receives graphics which includes the word 'Welcome' in 11 different languages.

21 01, 2021

Citrix Systems ECC

Dimensional Graphics, glass graphics, large format graphics, #interiorgraphics, BarkerBlue| Create, executive briefing center, tension fabric graphics, seg graphics

Citrix Systems gets a brand refresh. BarkerBlue helps to extend the refresh to the Experience Center.  Dimensional signage, wall and glass graphics as well as tension fabric systems help to dress the spaces.

11 12, 2020

iRhythm Technologies Gets New Wayfinding Signage

Displays and Signs, #interiorgraphics, BarkerBlue| Create

As iRhytm Technologies moves into its new office space in San Francisco - its time for finishing touches.   Wayfinding signage provides ease of navigation to Employees and Visitors across two floors of space.   A color coded system further segments the space. ..

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